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American Pool (PS1)

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  • Brand: Playstation
  • Product Code: SLES04037
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  • Available Date: 04/05/2017


    Sold By: Zombie63

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Platform: PS1

Publisher: Midas

Format: PAL - This software is only compatible with the PlayStation computer entertainment systems displaying the PAL logo. (eg. Not US standard console)

Recommended Age: 3+.

Features supported by this game:

  • 1 or 2 players
  • Memory Card 1 Block

So, you think you're a Pool Shark? Well, American Pool will test your skills to the max! Learn new trick shots in Training Mode or go up against a friend or the computer in Pocket Game mode. When you're ready to take on the best, create your own character and go up against 31 other players in the Pool Contest! As you get to the top you'll earn new Power Ups and Special Techniques to help flatten the opposition. Are you ready for a real challenge? Well rack 'em up!

  • Three game modes - Training, Mode, Pocket Game and Pool Contest
  • 5 rule vairiations to master from 8-ball to 14-1 games!
  • 3 difficulty settings to test your skills
  • In-game 'Tracer' helps you line up shots with perfect accuracy
  • Create a player in Pool Contest mode. Earn new shots and tricks as you progress
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